All above measures were then followed by a series of land reclamation actions and the reduction of large estates in the Papal States. Deeming it urgent to drain the swamps to eliminate the danger of malaria and understanding that this work would have required large amounts of money, establishing that the Apostolic Chamber would have to contribute to the expense. The pontiff promoted the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes according to his intentions, the reclamation would have allowed the start of new crops, with a beneficial effect on employment and production, the reclamation work started in 1777 continued until 1796 with a expenditure of 1,621,983 scudos and reclaimed 10,616 rubbi of land (1 rubbio = 1,848 hectares).

The obligation was introduced for all owners and tenants to cultivate each year an area determined by law based on the new land registry and special facilities and bonuses for those who increased the cultivation of the olive tree.