The Oil of Popes

Olio dei Papi, Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is obtained exclusively from olive groves subject to qualitative selection and choice of varieties that have expressed the best symbiosis with the territory of origin over the centuries.

Cold extracted from olives grown in the Pontine Hills and Frosinone province, carefully selected and fresh pressed by hand after harvesting, with all the care and techniques that can guarantee their uniqueness. The Oil of the Popes is subjected to a strict production specification which defines its chemical and physical characteristics.

The Olio dei Papi is fully traceable. In fact, it gives you a total visibility of food quality and its history, allowing you to check the entire production process, from the plant of origin to your table. By entering the batch code on our site, you can trace the name of the olive grower, the production area, the mill, the image of the olive grove, where possible, and the Certificate of Analysis for the chemical-physical characteristics.
Obtained from the fruits of the centuries-old olive trees of our lands, this delicacy is the expression of our culture that values traditions and passion for the territory.